Approaching Fall

It’s crazy how September just showed up…leaving behind the cold winter, the anticipation of new vibe and energy for Spring, the sweltering hot summer and now the peak of Fall. I’m guilty of moving like a freight train, passing a few stops, taking a few breaks, yet not enough to document the highlights of the many experiences along the way!

As I always say, there’s not time like the present. I can now say I have been blessed and challenged at best so far for 2018. I am now in the mood of making moves that are scary, yet I know I MUST do it.

Stay tuned as I make some decisions along the way. I’d like to I have the perfect blueprint to make such move…but I don’t! That’s okay though. I have my Spiritual Guide to help me along and that’s all I need.

Have a wonderful day as you navigate your dreams and desires.

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