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A failed marriage put Fiona B. Wright in a dark place. Writing, she found, would become her refuge, and The Break of Dawn, a collection of vividly inspired words and imagery, gave the UK-born Jamaican writer the inspiration and confidence to put her life and experiences on paper for the world to feel. After two decades of storytelling, Wright has allowed her experiences to breathe life, love, forgiveness, gratitude and encouragement in her work. “There’s something in The Break of Dawn for everyone,” Wright says. “And that was my motivation.” 
When Fiona B. Wright’s marriage failed, she desperately needed an escape from the deep pain and fears which became her new normal. Writing, she found was the antidote to healing. It allowed her to reclaim self-love. Over the years, the tone of her writing has evolved where she’s found freedom to express love, passionately and creatively through her art. It’s raw. It’s honest. It’s vulnerable. It’s her Sweet Surrender! Indulge your thoughts and imagination as you journey through the collection of vividly inspired poems and imagery. Wright invites you to explore the romantic side of love through Sweet Surrender.


Fiona published her first inspirational book, “The River Still Flows” followed by audio project, “Rise Up”. Connect with Fiona on Instagram @fionabwright or to be notified about new releases and events.

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